I have heavy legs, what should I do?

Heavy legs are manifested by a feeling of heaviness, tension in the legs. It usually comes from a poor blood circulation, but can also be caused by several factors. In this article, discover all our tips and our best products for fight effectively against heavy legs and find light legs.


What are the causes of heavy legs?

Originally, heavy legs are caused by a poor venous circulation and poor blood circulation. Indeed, this phenomenon occurs when the veins in your legs no longer return enough blood to your heart.

Heavy legs can be caused by several factors. This inconvenience can be hereditary, it can provide in case of hot weather, sedentary lifestyle, standing too long, of trampling but also in case of overweight.


How to relieve heavy legs naturally?

For relieve naturally and quickly the feeling of heavy legs, just adapt your lifestyle and promote actions that promote the circulatory complex. We advise you to apply these few simple tips to quickly find fresh and light legs: 


  • See to keep moving. Avoid standing still for too long and keep your legs moving. We also recommend you avoid aggressive sports such as running and turning to calmer sports activities as walking. Also try to reduce the jerks as much as possible.
  • Try raising your feet a little higher when you sleep. A slight increase in 10 to 15 centimeters at the level of your feet will allow promote blood and venous circulation from your legs to your body. This will limit the sensations of heavy legs and you will feel lighter and cooler as soon as you wake up.
  • Drink properly and enough. It is advisable to drink 1.5L to 2L per day to counter the inconvenience caused by poor venous circulation. Promote them calcium-rich waters like the hepar or the contrex and if possible, adopt draining and anti-inflammatory herbal teas with red vine leaves, nettle or even blackcurrant.
  • Take the time to massage yourself bottom up, whether out of the shower or in the evening before sleeping, massage yourself with a suitable oil or gel in order to relaunch the blood circulation and drain your legs.
  • Finish your shower with a jet of cold water on your legs and emphasizing the most painful areas. It will bring you a feeling of freshness and instant relief. 


Which vegetable oils against heavy legs?

Vegetable oils are a great way to fight against heavy legs. Well-chosen oils can revive the circulatory complex and lasting relief feelings of heaviness in the legs. 

calophyllum oil is ideal for combating heavy legs

This oil with multiple benefits contains repairing and protective active ingredients. It stimulates blood circulation whileimitating pain, it is thus perfect in case of heavy legs. Multifunctional, it is also very useful for repair, purify and soothe the skin. Apply a few drops of this oil and massage your legs from bottom to top to revive blood circulation. 

Small +: it is also very useful to fight against dark circles and bags under the eyes!  


Special drainio oil for heavy legs & painful swollen feet

This care oil is the synergy of 3 beneficial oils to powerful actions. The vegetable oil of grape seeds ideal for massages with its high concentration of vitamin E and carotenoids. The vegetable oil of jojoba very rich leaves a silky effect on the skin. the calendula soothes effectively the skin thanks to the presence of flavonoids, carotenoids and saponosides. 

It thus contributes to a good venous return reducing heavy leg pain. This oil at a time nourishing and draining will be your new ally for light and well hydrated legs. 


What products to fight against heavy legs? 

We have concocted a selection of natural and handcrafted products for you to quickly relieve feelings of discomfort related to poor circulation of blood and venous vessels. 

For a boost of freshness, opt for refreshing gels.

Marine Passion Gel decongestant for the legs is your best ally to relieve your heavy leg pain!

This gel will give you a feeling of lightness and will relieve your tired and heavy legs thanks to its association of 5 decongestant plant extracts and its moisturizing and protective seaweed extract. 

on non-sticky and refreshing texture is ideal for getting dressed directly after applying the gel.


Propolia light legs gel 

Its formula with powerful active ingredients of propolis, ginkgo and red vine brought freshness and comfort to your legs. Enriched with essential oils of lavender and Pepper mint very refreshing for a feeling of lightness. on non-adhesive texture dries quickly so you can get dressed straight after application. 


The happy cycles body serum from Miyé. 

This serum enriched with natural active ingredients, anti-inflammatory, softening and draining soothes and decongests sensitized areas during menstrual cycles but is also highly recommended for fight against heavy legs.

Its formula enriched with Yam, magnesium, liquorice, arnica montana, and ginkgo biloba does not contain no fragrance, essential oils, or controversial ingredients. Thus, it is suitable for all women even pregnant or breastfeeding and will allow a effective drainage in order to fight against the feeling of heavy legs.

In addition he relieves menstrual discomfort especially in the chest and stomach area.

Massage the sensitized areas 2 to 3 times a day. It is also possible to carry out these massages in prevention 5 to 10 days before the rules.


Food supplements special circulatory complex of propolia

This one-month cure is very effective for a good blood circulation, thus, fight effectively against the effects of heavy or tired legs. Her formula based on propolis and red vine is a real cocktail of freshness for your legs. Moreover, this cure rich in vitamin C is gluten-free to be accessible to all. 


Need an effective herbal tea against the feeling of heavy legs? Discover one of the novelties at MCF: the slender herbal tea from Chic Des Plantes

"The slender" herbal tea for revive your circulatory complex and drain your legs:


This detox herbal tea based on red vine, bergamot and lime blossom is ideal for drain your body in order to fight against the feeling of heavy legs. With a light taste of soothing plants, this tisane detox allows you to enjoy a relaxing while draining and cleansing your body.


You now know all our tips for light and naturally drained legs! Feel free to take a look at our collection of products for heavy legs.


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