Inside Les Docks Village in Marseille

After a few months of work, the concept store dedicated to organic and natural French cosmetic crafts took shape on Monday. It will be open until January 15, 2020 at level 10.6 of the Docks Village.
So let's take the time to take a break so I can explain why a shop?
Well, because there are a multitude of organic and natural cosmetic products e-shops, which, as much as the others, to differentiate themselves, are racing for prices and ever faster delivery.
What about the product? Her discovery ? His origin ? Its manufacturing process? What does it contain? 
It is good for put forward the product, its history and its benefits that I decided to set up a new store concept. But also to find people, contact with consumers in order to provide them with advice and support them in their choices.
So how is this shop?
Here no digital wall, soundtrack galore or endless shelving that you know well. No !
The place leaves room for sensoriality and discussion. Inside, you can walk in Provence ☀️, in the Landes 🌿 or on the Breton coasts 🌊. 
Three senses are put to the test. On can smell the smells of different terroirs, discover new textures, such as balm, solid shampoo or even cream deodorant, recognize the components and raw materials.
A world where you can also meet manufacturers and wellness specialists: naturopaths and aromatherapists to learn how to make a beauty product and learn to do yourself good. Because the skin is also healed from the inside ✨.
Regional corners composed of the essentials of shower and care:
5 regions are represented: Aquitaine, Brittany and Pays de Loire, Occitanie, Provence, Rhône-Alpes
The routine care space dedicated to each member of the family:
baby, child, teenager, pregnant woman, mom, dad ...
The zero waste space:
soaps, solid shampoos, solid toothpaste, deodorant balms, bamboo toothbrush, wipes, children's squares, washable and recyclable sanitary napkins and of course our famous shampoo and shower gel dispensers!

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