Have you ever used floral water 🌸?

What is floral water?

Floral waters are lotions concentrated in natural active ingredients recommended for skin care. They are used on the face and / or body to gently cleanse the skin and provide it with specific care for each plant.


Organic floral waters from Plantes des Cévennes 🇫🇷

eaux florales bio
Antonin and his mother cultivate aromatic and medicinal plants in organic farming and Nature & Progrès since 2004. 
The plants are transformed into fresh, the still being located 2 km from the fields. The transformation of the plants then directly follows the harvest and the plants do not have time to deteriorate and keep all their properties.

All our floral waters are organic and natural, and perfectly respect the skin. They are kept in a bluish bottle, to protect them from light.

Among the hydrosols they produce, we have selected:

  • The floral water of lavender, perfect for combination and oily skin.
  • The floral water of pink, soothing, regenerating and anti-wrinkle, ideal for mature skin.
  • Water from bleuet for the dry and sensitive skin.
  • The water of pink geranium, which helps regulate sebum production for oily skin prone to acne.
  • And finally, the floral water of Roman chamomile which softens dry, sensitive and allergic skin.

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