What if we said Stop the little sores of our cherubs?

A bruise on the arm, scratched knees, a bump on the head ... Your child will not escape these little everyday ailments.

Here are our good gestures to treat the first injuries.

Heal a wound. Wash your hands, then cleanse the wound, working from the heart to the periphery, with water and Marseille soap or physiological saline. Pat dry with a clean towel or sterile compress. Disinfect with a colorless and painless antiseptic which will therefore not sting. Ban alcohol-based products. Cover with a ventilated adhesive bandage and as soon as the healing process begins (2 to 3 days), leave the wound to air.

Treat a bump or bruise. In the event of a bump or bruise, your best ally will be the cold. If you have nothing on hand, think about the good old ice cubes, to place around a cloth, on the swollen area for a few minutes. If there is no sore, apply an arnica cream.

Most of the time not serious, the bumps are common in children and can be impressive. Sometimes it is a hematoma, a pocket of blood formed under the skin due to the skin crushing against the bone. Two solutions: the appearance of a bruise or a bump. In the latter case, it means that the blood bag is larger.

Treat a superficial burn. Spray the burn with cold water until the pain subsides. Do not apply ice cubes to the area. If the burn is blistering, show it to a doctor.

Mosquito bites. Soothe with a compress of apple cider vinegar, massage the pimple with a little aloe vera several times a day, and add 2 drops of pure lavender aspic essential oil. To be renewed twice within 2 hours, for children over 4 years old. For the little ones, 1 drop of Calendula oil with 1 drop of super lavender essential oil.

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