Biodegradable glitter for the holidays

Who said sustainable consumption couldn't be fun? Discover Sisi la Paillette, a brand of biodegradable glitter, plastic free for shine without polluting during the festivities !

Why Biodegradable Glitter?

It might not look like it, but glitter is a real danger to the environment. They are made up from micro plastics, i.e. plastics less than 5mm. They are so small that they pass through water filtration systems and quickly find themselves in the seas and oceans, then they are ingested by fish and marine fauna.

Plastic is made up of chemicals that are very toxic to animals that ingest them and can have very detrimental effects on the health of the oceans over time.

So not to say goodbye to the magic of glitter, Sisi the glitter had the idea to create biodegradable, eco-friendly and plastic-free glitter!

Everything you need to know about sequins 

Sisi la paillette glitter is made in Germany by Bioglitter, then processed and packaged in France. Bioglitter glitter is the result of 6 years of research and development to concoct biodegradable glitter with little or no plastic.

It is then in France, at Sisi la Paillette, that the glitter is mixed and packaged in order to offer you carefully crafted glitter blends.

And to respect the environment and animals, the sequins are guaranteed cruelty free, they are not tested on animals.

No plastic at all?

There are two types of sequins: The Classic Range and the Pure Range. The pure range is 100% guaranteed plastic-free, and the classic range contains 8% plastic.

Pure glitter which is 100% plastic free does not have the same look and shine as glitter which contains plastic, it has more pastel colors and it has more of a "pearlescent" effect.

For some people, these sequins are not "flash" enough and the plastic gives the sequins that extra effect sought by professional makeup artists or lovers of more elaborate makeup, among others. This is why the brand has decided to continue to sell glitter containing a little plastic in order to meet everyone's demand.

Our selection for the holidays

Thanks to Sisi la Paillette, you can add glitter to your end-of-year celebrations while respecting the environment. We have selected glittery kits for parties that shine with a thousand lights.

The Christmas kit       

The must have for crazy parties, Christmas kit in festive colors :

kit paillettes noel

Discover this complete kit composed of:

  • 6 pots of biodegradable glitter in christmas colors
  • And bamboo brush
  • A shea applicator balm
  • A pouch in coton bio

A kit in Christmas colors with bright red, pine green, gold, silver and "Nuit blanche" white. Accompanied by an applicator balm with shea solidarity from a cooperative of Togolese women.

The Rainbow Kit

For colorful parties, discover the Rainbow Kit:

 kit paillettes arc en ciel

Discover this complete kit composed of:

  • 6 jars of biodegradable glitter in the colors of the rainbow
  • And bamboo brush
  • A shea applicator balm
  • An organic cotton pouch

For a full panoply and glitter that suits all occasions, discover the rainbow kit with 6 flashy colors: A fuchsia pink, a purple, a transcendent blue, a spring green, a golden yellow and an orange.

Le Kit Pure

Le kit « pure » for the sweetness of winter

kit paillettes pure

Discover this complete kit composed of:

  • 6 pots of biodegradable glitter in pure and soft colors
  • A bamboo brush
  • A Yokoumi shea balm applicator
  • An organic cotton pouch


Find all the sweetness of winter with a coppery orange, a girly pink, a very soft blue, a "white night" white, a magnificent pure pink and rose gold.


To add glitter to your end-of-year celebrations, discover the full range of Sisi La Paillette products.

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