Organic and natural solid toothpastes as an alternative to plastic tubes

Did you know that if everyone used solid or powdered toothpaste, it would reduce plastic containers by 190 million per year?
Not to mention that in a tube, 4% of the toothpaste gets stuck at the bottom!

at My French Cosmetics, we have selected two strong, ecological and natural toothpastes.

The first is a soap toothpaste from Green Utopie, made in the Luberon.

No more plastic tubing 😉, less waste in your bathroom!
It is a toothpaste made from the cold saponification process, to which clay and essential oils of sweet mint and cedar have been added that will last for several months.
Its ingredients have purifying, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. 
To use it, just wet your toothbrush, rub it on the toothpaste, and brush your teeth as usual. Simply !

Be careful, if it tastes like soap at first, your palate will get used to it quickly after a few days.
In the bathroom it will naturally find its place on a soap dish.


The second is a Biokankan brand toothpaste.

VSComposed of calcium cabonate, which cleans and shines the teeth, and naturally antibacterial coconut oil. It contains aloe, an excellent healing agent for the gums. The essential oils of spearmint and peppermint ensure fresh breath.

To use it, nothing could be easier. With the back of a spoon, put some paste on your toothbrush and scrub!

Soon, a third toothpaste powder! Stay tuned!



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