Discover our natural and eco-friendly skincare routine for this summer

Before going on vacation, Mes Cosmétiques Français delivers its last summer newsletter. Priority to nature and ecology! So, why not try a new skincare routine for this summer? We help you find the right products for your skin and that of your children.


Care for washing

To wash your body and hair, of course opt for cold saponified soaps, practical for traveling, economical and ecological!

Respectful of the skin, cold saponification is the only process which allows to preserve the glycerin naturally present in the soap but also the virtues of vegetable oils and essential oils added at the end of preparation.

Result: cold saponified soaps are very hydrating and suitable for all skin types.

Take the opportunity to test the solid shampoo, a very gentle washing base, perfect for washing your hair without irritating it. Then all you have to do is apply your detangler or your appropriate treatment to your scalp.

 How about brushing your teeth? We tested the solid toothpaste, also formulated with cold saponification. Well, let's face it, it has a slight soap aftertaste! But after a few uses, our palate gets used to it and this taste disappears. The good news: one less plastic tube in your bathroom!


Treatments to hydrate your skin

As exposure to the sun is more important in summer, prefer balms or oils which are very nourishing and also help to retain moisture in the skin by forming an occlusive film, which prevents water from evaporating.

If you have small children, choose one without essential oils.

There are also balms to repair irritated, cracked skin, or to treat contractures, minor injuries or rheumatic pain ...

The last born is the deodorant balm. Take a good hazelnut per armpit to have a good hold and a good efficiency and massage delicately. There are deodorant balms with a creamy texture that is very easy to apply.

This summer is really the time to experiment with new textures and adopt the ones that suit you best!


Treatments for sunburns

To prevent sunburn, practice a natural tan, which is a little protection against sunburn. To tan without burning, gradually expose yourself for a few minutes then 10, 20, 30, 40 until 1 hour. But beware, natural tanning does not fight against UVA rays, responsible for skin aging and cancer. Then apply SPF30 sunscreen with mineral filters that will not pollute the oceans.

To soothe sunburns, instead of oils containing St. John's wort or calendula. After cooling the skin with cool water, apply a generous amount of oil and let it penetrate. Repeat the massage several times a day. 


Mosquito bite care

To avoid mosquito bites, you can impregnate your clothes with 1 to 2 drops of essential oil of rose geranium or lemon eucalyptus (watch out for stains!). Outside and inside, burn a candle or a serpentine with anti-must essential oils: lemongrass of java, lemon eucalyptus, rose geranium, exotic basil. You can also flavor your shower gel with 25 drops of one of these essential oils per 100 mL of product.

Another tip too and to run a fan, mosquitoes hate wind and fresh air!

How not to scratch yourself? Soothe with a compress of apple cider vinegar, massage the pimple with a little aloe vera several times a day, and add 2 drops of pure lavender aspic essential oil. To be renewed twice within 2 hours, for children over 4 years old. For the little ones, 1 drop of Calendula oil with 1 drop of super lavender essential oil 

There you go, your family toiletry bag for this summer is ready! We wish you a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing you again at the start of the school year to share some great news. Take care of yourself !

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