Cream or balm? We help you to see more clearly to choose better

You may have noticed in our artisan boxes, we have put balms in the spotlight alongside traditional skincare creams. 

And it is not a hazard ! These have nourishing, restorative properties and above all they protect the skin from drying out. 

A quick overview to fully understand the benefits of one and the other.


1. Let's start with balms

A balm has a fatter and thicker consistency than a cream. It is made from an oily phase: either butters, oils or vegetable waxes are melted, which are then combined with scents obtained with aromatic plants or flowers. The mixture forms an ointment that melts in your hand.

Balm like oil is interesting to retain water from the inside and avoid dehydration. It forms an occlusive film on the skin which prevents water from evaporating and therefore de facto limits the aging of the skin. 


Our selection of Occitanie balms

Allow us to suggest a few of our superb balms.

Cevennes Plant Balms

On the brand side Cevennes plants, the balms are made with organic raw materials and the essential oils that compose them come from the farm. Their formula rich in shea butter and beeswax make these balms effective care for normal and dry skin.

> Roman Chamomile balm for sensitive skin

Without essential oils, chamomile face balm protects the most sensitive skin. It deeply hydrates, regenerates and rebalances the epidermis. 


> Complexion Radiance Balm with Geranium Rosat

Ultra hydrating, complexion radiance balm is made from geranium macerated in olive oil. As its name suggests, it restores radiance to the skin and gently regenerates it.

Baume visage éclat du teint au Geranium Rosat - Plantes des Cévennes - 30 mL

> Anti-aging balm with Rose de Provins

For mature skin, nothing better than our anti-ageing balm with rose de provins. Its ultra-nourishing formula tones and restores youth to skin that has been victim to time.



Oppidum care balms

Town offers 100% natural and organic balms. Manufactured according to brand-specific know-how, they offer their uncompromising virtues to all skin types. Combining the active ingredients of precious vegetable oils and those of essential oils, these balms promise effective hydration and repair of the skin.


> Bois de Rose balm for mature skin

Bois de Rose balm gently nourishes and softens sensitive areas of the face. Penetrating and purifying, it takes care of your skin thanks to the tensor and firming effect of its complex of precious oils and essential oils of biological quality.

> Bark & Seeds care balm

Bark & Seeds balm revitalizes the sensitive areas of the face, neck and décolleté and protects them from external aggressions, minor daily irritations and natural dryness of the skin.


> The Absolu Neutral skincare balm for mature and sensitive skin

Real natural gentle care, the Absolute Neutral care balm offers silky protection to sensitized and reactive skin by combining the high nourishing power of shea, jojoba and coconut. The white lily present in its formula is also recommended to restore radiance to mature skin.

Absolute Neutral Balm - 50 mL - €37


2. Our selection of creams from Provence

Cream, it requires more know-how because it is made from an emulsion, a mixture of two immiscible liquid substances, water and oil. Two phases are necessary, an oily phase identical to that of the balm, and an aqueous phase made with various aromatic hydrosols, milk or water. The cream tends to penetrate more slowly without leaving a greasy film on the skin. 


La Fare 1789 creams

La Fare 1789 in Provence is the image of what Haute-Provence has to offer in all its splendour. An authentic and organic brand, which relies on the virtues of plants to meet the needs of all skin types.

> Delicate face cream for sensitive skin

Without essential oil, delicate face cream is made for sensitive skin. It is endowed with a combination of organic plants: chamomile relieves and softens, sweet almond soothes and strengthens, shea repairs and nourishes, thyme tones.

Delicate face cream - 30 mL - 15€ 

> Face cream Ideal for all skin types

With its fluid and light texture, ideal face cream deeply moisturizes and intensely revitalizes the skin. This cream combines the virtues of a combination of organic plants: Aloe Vera protects, Jojoba deeply nourishes, Cucumber softens and refreshes, Coralline Algae tones. 

Ideal face cream - 30 mL - €14.50 


Creams from Atelier Sainte Victoire

Based in Aix-en-Provence, theSainte-Victoire workshop promotes the art of living in Provence and French excellence by offering products that promote artisanal know-how and respect the local natural heritage, in particular pure water from Provence.

> The face cream with pure water from Provence for mature and dehydrated skin

Made at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire mountain, face cream with pure water from Provence is enriched with the natural elements of what Provence produces best: in the north with lavender, and in the south with Mediterranean seaweed.

 Face cream with pure water from Provence - 50 mL - €22.90 


> Glittery face cream for a pearly effect

Glittery face cream is ideal for giving your skin a boost of radiance! It leaves a pearly appearance and a delicate shine thanks to its glitter. 

to summarize 

In terms of use, the balm apply in local massages, frictions, to repair a chapped or cracked skin or to treat rheumatic pains, contractures....

A cream penetrates more easily and is therefore more suitable for daily care, to moisturize the body or face.  

At Mes Cosmétiques Français, we recommend that youuse the balm at night to deeply hydrate your skin because it is very nourishing and penetrates quickly. In the morning, we will apply a cream care especially for less dry and well hydrated skin.


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