Better understand and identify Organic Cosmetics Labels

Organic and natural are in fashion. Green marketing is now everywhere. So how can you not be fooled by greenwashing and choose truly organic cosmetics?

Take a moment to understand some of the most important organic labels. Note the logos you will be able to find them more easily on the product containers!


The small green logo really green


Created in 2002 by the Cosmébio association, the Cosmébio label is THE benchmark for organic cosmetics in France. To obtain the label, products must comply with demanding specifications and a charter of ethical values. Basically, the Cosmébio label guarantees you: 

  • A clean composition with: 95% minimum of ingredients of natural origin, 95% of plant ingredients from organic farming and the ban on polluting or harmful ingredients 
  • Manufacturing that excludes processes that are harmful to the environment 
  • Clean packaging
  • Transparent marketing with responsible labeling of ingredients

To learn more about the Cosmebio Charter 

 Cosmos Organic

The European standard


The COSMOS standard was created in 2017 to harmonize the certification rules for organic and natural cosmetics at European level. It replaces the ECOCERT standard while being the most demanding of the standards in Europe. It guarantees products containing:

  • 95 to 100% natural ingredients
  • 95 to 100% organic ingredients over plant ingredients
  • a maximum of 5% approved ingredients in a positive list
  • 20% of organic ingredients out of the total ingredients 

To learn more about the Cosmos standard


 Slow Cosmetics 

The slow turtle logo


The Slow Cosmetics Mention has been in existence since 2013. Awarded by the Slow Cosmetics Association, it rewards brands that have submitted an application or have been noticed by the profession, according to nearly 80 evaluation criteria listed in the Charter of the 'association.

The Slow Cosmetic Mention guarantees a natural product, without synthetic materials, without controversial compounds for health or the environment, but also a product with an honest quality-price ratio, and a brand with responsible marketing. 

There are no specifications for the Mention because it is a global award. On the other hand, the essential fundamentals are at least the same as the organic labels: no petrochemicals, no plastics or silicones, no controversial ingredients and preservatives.

To learn more about the Slow Cosmetic Mention.


Nature & Progress

The oldest certification of organic farming


The mention Nature & Progrès is the brand of the association created in 1964, a pioneer in the defense of organic farming. It guarantees food and cosmetics which respect life, animal welfare, preservation of ecology and the environment. The association has established its own specifications and its charter which unites its members around of an associative project and a common vision.

In cosmetics, the specifications recommend that:

  • 100% of the plant ingredients must be organic
  • 95% minimum of ingredients must be of natural origin

It of course bans dyes, oils and other petrochemicals, preservatives, silicones, palm oil.

To find out more about the specifications Nature & Progress

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