How to use the treasures of Provence in natural and organic cosmetics?

The Provençal region has many treasures to discover! The Provence offers cosmetic active ingredients with multiple scents. Artisans from this region develop beauty products based on aromatherapy and the herbal medicine

Through exquisite fragrances and rich textures, we take you to discover our craftsmen from the south of France

Marseille soap: pure tradition

savon de marseille savonnerie fer à cheval

This traditional soap has many virtues. A mythical soap that will suit the whole family. A soap ecological and multi-usages with many benefits. 

Marseille soap in cosmetics

Whether for hygiene, laundry or home care, this soap is perfectly suited. With his cleaning efficiency, it is used in cosmetics to wash the body or hands. 

And 100% biodegradable French soap and non-polluting for your environment. 

Find our brand The horseshoe soap factory 

The Horseshoe soap factory is the oldest soap factory in Marseille. This soap is made according to traditional cauldron method, without any added preservatives, colorings, perfumes or animal fats.

This authentic Marseille soap is composed of vegetable oils, sea salt, water and soda (at the origin of saponification). 

A unique Marseille soap with Provençal scents 

And for those who like little fruity or flowery notes in the bathroom, the Marseille's soap turns in the shower into shower gel or shampoos with multiple scents. 

At the house of Rampal Latour, le Marseille's soap is produced exclusively based on 100% purified vegetable oils. Their natural soap does not contain perfumes, dyes, preservatives or additives. 

The Rampal soap factory Latour also offers a range of extra mild shampoos and shower gels.
We awaken the senses thanks to treasures of Provence : Almond, Orange Blossom, Olive, Lavandin, Sage, Bergamot, Verbena...

Mediterranean plant active ingredients

Provence: a region rich in plant active ingredients. The region offers a large number of ingredients used in the world of cosmetics. 

Mountain filtered water

Le know-how of Provençal craftsmen is part of French excellence. Among these exceptional craftsmen, we find theSainte-Victoire workshop in Aix-en-Provence with their products from the local natural heritage. 

This craftsman incorporatespure water from Provence in its cosmetics.
A range of treatments thanks to the purity and freshness of water from Provence. 

Taken from the foot of the Sainte Victoire mountain, the water is filtered thanks to a process that enhances its purity and eliminates all traces of harmful chemicals and biological organisms that can irritate sensitive skin.

A ultra pure water which offers the maximum of its natural properties and minimizes the use of preservatives.

The beauty products from the Sainte Victoire workshop display a minimum rate of 98% of ingredients of natural origin and are certified organic by Ecocert, Cosmos Organic and Cosmebio.

Lavender: Emblem of the Provençal hinterland

lavande cosmetique bio

With its on the other hand soothing, anti-inflammatories and analgesics, lavender is one of the plant active ingredients used in the natural cosmetics at our craftsmen in the south of France. 

The benefits of lavender on the skin are numerous. Endowed with precious virtues antiseptics, lavender is used in day creams to treat acne-prone skin. 

She relieved also superficial burns during sunburn. In a body milk, she soothes the skin after waxing.

True boost also for hair, lavender will do shine your hair while treating it in case of itching or dandruff. 

coffret soins cosmetiques bio provence artisans

For test the regional products of Provence, find it Provence care set from My French Cosmetics : 5 beauty essentials suitable for all skin types. 

Le Provence care box contains :

- and organic surgras soap with lavender, which smells of the Provençal sun,
- and bergamot sage organic shower shampoo, for strong and healthy hair,

- a aloe vera face cream, jojoba, cucumber, for a fresh and radiant complexion,

- and organic sweet almond body milk, for optimal hydration of your skin,
- a organic citrus hand cream, to protect against daily aggressions on the fragile skin of the hands.

Find all the products cosmetics from craftsmen of Provence and to know a little more about these southern craftsmen, discover their story.

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