How to take care of your feet before summer?

Summer is making a comeback and sandals are with it! So to bring out your little feet after several months locked up, we have prepared you simple and natural tips to have pretty feet this summer!

From foot bath to pedicure, we give you all our best advice and our best products for pretty healthy pies. We let you discover it all!


How to have beautiful feet?

To have beautiful feet, you have to take care of them regularly and make sure they are well exfoliated and hydrated. We recommend that you first perform a foot bath then proceed to a natural scrub on your feet. Then, it is important to properly hydrate thanks to an adequate cream, ending with a nice pedicure for the final touch.


How to take a good foot bath?

Let's start with the basics: A good foot bath. The foot bath is very important because it allows cleanse your skin well as well as to prepare it for the exfoliation and care that you are going to perform on your feet.

The foot bath many benefits because it allows improve blood circulation and relaunch it if you are prone to cold feet. The foot bath is ideal for reduce inflammation feet locked in your shoes all day. It's a great way to relax at the end of the day and to relax while taking care of yourself.

You can take a hot or cold foot bath. If you suffer inflammation or venous problems, we advise you to opt for a fresh foot bath. On the other hand, if you are subject to rheumatism, or osteoarthritis, it will be better to make a warmer bath.


How to make a good homemade foot bath?

You can make a very simple foot bath at home with just a few ingredients:

  • A basin with some water (hot or cold according to your preferences) the water should never be below 15° or above 37°
  • A handful of sea salt
  • Of the essential oils chosen according to your skin problems with a cup of organic cider vinegar
  • A clean towel

Don't stay no more than 10 minutes in the foot bath so as not to weaken your skin and be sure to dry your feet well after the bath is finished.

If you want a foot bath complete and natural, we advise you the seaweed foot bath from Passion Marine.

This foot bath enriched with Guérande salt and essential oils of tea tree accompanied by small lavender seeds is ideal for a simply effective foot bath. Pour 100 grams of this mixture into 3 liters of water to a relaxing moment and clean feet!

In order to multiply the positive effects foot bath and prepare your feet well, we advise you touse a pumice stone.


How to use pumice stone on feet?

Once you have finished your foot bath and your feet are clean and still damp, rub them gently with a pumice stone by making circular movements. Emphasize the driest areas and the roughest, usually the heel and the sole of the foot.


When to sand your feet?

We advise you to sand your feet once a week so as not to damage your skin. The purpose of sanding is to thoroughly remove all rough parts of the foot in order to find a smooth and soft skin, but if you perform this treatment too often, your skin will end up drying out and will present this type of inconvenience more and more often.

We advise you Passion Marine pumice stone for gentle care

This stone from volcanic lava is ideal for gently remove dead skin. She leaves the smooth and soft skin and can be used all over the body although it is more recommended for foot care.

Once you're done bathing and sanding your feet, it's time to scrub. for deep care.


Why gum his feet?

Erasing your feet allows eliminate roughness and dead cells present on your feet. In addition, exfoliation is a great way to continue your relaxation time to follow up on the footbath.


How to do a good foot scrub?

For an effective exfoliation of the feet, it is necessary to know how to choose a good scrub, and that's good, we have selected you our favorite scrubs for a natural foot care.

Our favorite for foot care; the organic Guérande salt scrub from Passion marine

This scrub delicate gourmet fragrance is ideal for getting rid of your impurities and dead cells. on natural formula made of Guérande salt and seaweed will give your skin a effective natural exfoliation.

Once the feet are fine clean and exfoliated, you always have to think about the hydrate help with a special foot cream.


Why put cream on your feet?

Simply to help your skin stay well hydrated and nourished. In summer, with sand, salt water, chlorine from swimming pools or even long walks with sandals or flip-flops, the feet are very stressed and often very dry. To keep feet well hydrated, make sure to apply a moisturizing and nourishing cream daily.

Propolia very dry foot cream

This rich and not greasy enriched with propolis, with shea butter and aloe vera is perfect for hydrate and nourish your skin and relieve it quickly after an irritation. Apply it as soon as you feel the need and after each scrub.


How to do a pedicure at home?

Once your feet are clean and hydrated, finish your treatment with a small home pedicure in a few simple steps:

  • Push back your cuticles using a wooden cuticle pusher
  • Remove the dirt encrusted under the nails
  • Cut and file your nails at your convenience
  • Apply a protective base & a nice varnish if you wish it

For varnishes, we recommend clever beauty varnishes ; anti-waste, natural and in super fresh colors for the summer!


You have all the keys to pretty feet this summer! Do you want more ? discover our selection of natural products to take care of your feet.

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