How to take care of your feet naturally?

Summer is fast approaching and you will see the pretty sandals coming out! It's time to choose your foot care to flaunt her brand new toes. 

For have pretty soft feet, and complete care is essential. We will see together all the steps to take care of your feet on a daily basis. 

A foot bath to start the treatment 

The first step is crucial to get this off to a good start. foot care. 

The foot bath has beneficial actions for further treatment. By soaking your feet in warm water, the skin will soften and facilitate the removal of the callus easier in the next step. 

And relaxing also by choosing to add some essential oils lavender for its relaxing action. 

  • For a homemade DIY footbath:

    - Prepare a basin of lukewarm water and an towel at hand
    - Add a small handful of sea salt or Epsom
    - Add a cup of organic cider vinegar as well as essential oils chosen (lavender, cypress, peppermint… guaranteed boost effect!)
    - Enjoy and relax your feet for about twenty minutes before moving on to the second stage. 

For a express foot bath, but also natural, find it foot bath with seaweed, tea tree and lavender from Passion Marine. This foot care soothes, cleanses and refreshes your feet at the end of the day. 

A foot scrub to get back on a good footing

We go to the stage of scrub for'remove dead skin and corn. Let your feet breathe on sunny days and wear cotton socks to preserve them. 
  • For an express homemade moisturizing scrub:
    You need 2 ingredients: fine salt and olive oil (or argan oil).
    Mix everything and massage your feet, insisting on the roughest parts. Rinse with water and go to the next step.

  • For a more thorough exfoliation, the exfoliation step by sanding with a pumice stone:
    - Use a pumice stone to remove the callus, especially on the heels.
    - Practice small circular movements, being careful not to remove everything to keep a thin protection under your feet.

Le this has vertus scrubs. You can modulate this action by choosing fine salt or coarse sea salt. 

L’oil will come soften and nourish your skin in passing. During this massage, test the points d’acupuncture to relax even more. 

huile argan atlas cedre tadé


A nourishing and soothing treatment to regain baby feet

femme pieds nus sur la plage

Your feet are clean and rid of all dead skin. We do not ignore the nourishing care.

The skin of the feet is often dry, especially after the exfoliation step, so we nourish and hydrate thoroughly!

You can massage your feet with a bit ofcoconut oil. A nourishing and soothing oil that smells like the islands! 

This vegetable oil is ideal for foot care like the rest of the body.

For soften, moisturize and protect your feet, massage yourself with the remineralizing and moisturizing organic foot cream of Marine Passion. 

And for a nutrition intense, the cream for dry feet of Propolia: it intensely nourishes your feet thanks to its ultra-rich and non-greasy texture. 

Little trick MCF : Put on socks after this nourishing foot care, they will benefit from the assets longer. Ideally to do in the evening at bedtime. 


gel jambes légères bio propolia

A pedicure for the final touch 

Le foot care can stop at the nourishing care step, but if you want to get your pretty feet out in the sandals, a pedicure s’impose ! 

Focus on the nails!

  • Provide yourself withtoe spreaders to facilitate the task
  • Soften them cuticles with an emollient product and gently push back the cuticles with a wooden stick 
  • Cut your nails with the shape you want: round or square. 
  • apply your natural varnish not forgetting the base for the protect against yellowing. We recommend the natural varnishes from Clever Beauty, made in Provence. With her perfect outfit, the Clever varnish is non-toxic and vegan, without endocrine disruptors.
    Little more : its anti-waste cap! 

vernis naturel free vegan clever beauty



Tip for whitening your toenails:
Mix some lemon juice and you bicarbonate, soak your fingernails in this whitening mixture then rinse and dry thoroughly. 

Drop a drop ofvegetable oil of your choice and gently massage your nails

This tip is also valid for hand care. 

Le DIY (Do It Yourself) not your cup of tea? Use the comprehensive foot care keys in hand of the shop adapted to your desires! 

Sandals are yours this summer! And after the foot care, get your legs ready for summer

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