How to take care of your hair in summer?

The suitcase is packed! Head for the sun, the beach, the sea… 

How to enjoy your holidays with complete peace of mind without damaging your hair ?
Mes Cosmétiques Français took stock of the must-have favorite products for protect your beautiful hair

keep hair in full health, hydrated and protected all summer long ! How to take care of your hair in summer? 

cheveux plage

What are the daily actions to adopt?

First gesture to adopt: we forget the hair dryer! Let to dry naturally your hair.
On the beach or in general, as soon as you walk in the sun, remember to protect your hair with a hat, cap or scarf.

During your exposure to the sun at the beach or the swimming pool, forget hair perfumes or styling gel which will only burn the hair. Indeed, these styling products contain an alcoholic base that burns. 

In order to less exposure of your hair to the sun's harmful rays, adopt protective hairstyles such as braids or buns.
You will also protect them from the wind to prevent them from getting tangled and breaking the hair fiber. 

How do I wash my hair in the summer? 

In case of bathing, you can wash them every day with a adapted shampoo.
Except bathing, you can wash your hair every two days.

Go on vacation with peace of mind one shampoo for the whole family : le Gentle shampoo with orange blossom, honey and bamboo marrow from Propolia.

shampoing famille doux miel propolia

We complete the hair routine with a Propolia organic melt-in conditioner for those days when you're short on time. 

apres shampoing bio fondant propolia

On the days when you have more time, consider intensely nourish your hair with the Propolia Nourishing Hair Cream Mask. Beehive ingredients are perfect for all hair types, even the driest. 

masque creme capillaire bio propolia

And if for you vacation rhymes with smell, theorganic detangling and nourishing conditioner from La Fare 1789 is made for you with its coconut scent. Made in Provence, this conditioner moisturizes, nourishes and stimulates hair growth

apres hampoing demelant nourrisant bio la fare 1789

For the nomads where the adventurers, restore shine and softness to your hair thanks to the small DIY sachets from Secrets des Fées : Le DIY hair mask. 

masque DIY cheveux hydratant nourrissant secrets des fées

Take care of your hair after the beach

When you come back from the beach or the swimming pool, you must rinse your hair to get rid of salt and sand. The easiest way is to do it directly on the beach with the showers available, otherwise remember to take a bottle of water in your bag. 

Once at home, apply your hair care products adapted to your hair type and the desired effect. 

Once a week, it is advisable to carry out a deep care to repair your hair.
Apply a restorative vegetable oil such as coconut oil all over the hair and leave on overnight. You will have beautiful, soft and deeply nourished hair. 

L’Green Utopia coconut oil in two versions: 25 g for travel or vacation and 120 g for the House

huile de coco visage corps cheveux green utopie

As a restorative care but also protective, you can use the precious organic banana oil from Kadalys. These oils reinforce, regenerate and repair hair, face and body. 

L’Yellow Banana Radiance Precious Organic Oil for normal to dry hair. 

huile bio précieuse kadalys banane cheveux normaux secs


L’Precious nutritious bio oil with green banana from Kadalys for normal to oily hair. 


With all these tips and suitable products, your hair will come back from vacation in great shape! Ready to enjoy your vacation by the sea?

femme cheveux en pleine santé

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