Pamper your skin when it's cold

Winter is approaching and the outside temperatures are dropping. At MCF, Ingrid our super naturo tells you everything to fight against skin dryness associated with cold. From natural beauty tips to dietary advice, the whole family will have beautiful skin this winter. Goodbye dull complexion, tightness, itching, chapping and unsightly redness!


Soft and supple skin thanks to natural cosmetics

By dint of going from cold to interiors that are often too hot and too dry, your skin becomes dehydrated and dries up. A single watchword: PRO-TEC-TION!

How? 'Or' What ? By strengthening our skin barrier. Here we go for our "Beautiful skin in winter" routine:

CLEANING : Whether it is for the body or the face, use an ultra-rich soap with shea butter, honey, calendula macerate or even donkey or oat milk.

HYDRATION : Did you know that most moisturizers are made mostly of water? They do not protect against the cold, on the contrary! Favor balms, composed of vegetable oils that create a barrier between the skin and the outside to keep your skin hydrated from the inside

For the body : Body balms based on shea, beeswax, calendula, borage ... are to be applied once or twice a day. Avoid synthetic clothing that is too tight, which causes a lot of friction and irritation. Natural fabrics like cotton, silk or wool are great for your skin.

For the face : Morning and evening, after misting your face and décolleté with floral water, apply a vegetable oil-based serum (argan, borage, evening primrose, avocado). If you have mature skin (basically, you're over 40 J), take them with everlasting or rosewood essential oils (⚠️ contraindicated in pregnant, breastfeeding women and children) . That of The essentials is very suitable!

Then you can use your day cream. Or for very dehydrated skin, a regenerating and protective face balm like the soothing balm In Sweet Hour or the face balm with chamomile from Plantes des Cévennes.

For the lips : Fat, fat and more fat! It is the most fragile part of our body because it does not have sebaceous glands. Feed them with our cocoa and shea butter balm or our propolis stick regenerating propolia.

For hands : Same treatment as for the lips, you can use Shea Butter, or hand cream from Atelier Sainte Victoire.

THE SCRUB : Even if your skin is drier, it continues to renew itself. Dead skin can clog your pores and prevent sebum from doing its job of protecting. So who says dead skin, says exfoliation (except for children). Perform a very light exfoliation, once a week maximum. And complete with a good nourishing mask right after.




Nourish and preserve your skin from the inside with naturopathy

Here are some simple rules of hygiene to face the cold and keep skin supple and well hydrated.

First of all, avoid anything that can disrupt your skin's balance and its natural regeneration:         

  • No smoking
  • Avoid overeating, industrial foods, acidifiers and dairy products (except butter, and yes ... surprise!)
  • Upstream, avoid grilling in the sun all summer long;)

Then take care of:

  • Drink enough water (use and abuse herbal teas!)
  • Practice regular physical activity (at least 20 minutes of daily walking) to allow good oxygenation of the tissues and good sebum production
  • Get enough sleep for optimal repair of the epidermis
  • Eat lots of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Hippocrates already said back then: "Let your food be your medicine. "

And finally, we will favor the superfoods of our skin thanks to their content in:

  • Omega 3: Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines; Rapeseed, linseed and walnut oils; Crustaceans, algae, nuts, hemp and flax seeds ...
  • Zinc: Legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, red beans ...
  • Selenium: Monkfish, hake, mackerel, rabbit; brewer's yeast, wholemeal pasta 
  • Vitamin A: Cod liver oil, borage oil, butter; veal, cod and poultry liver, raw red tuna; sweet potato, raw carrot, pumpkin, dandelion, parsley
  • Vitamin B: Whole grains, brewer's yeast, egg
  • Vitamin C: Blackcurrant, acerola, rose hips, parsley, red and green peppers, kiwi, lemon, cabbage
  • Vitamin E: Borage, evening primrose, rapeseed, olive, wheat germ oil, butter; almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, avocados; mussels, salmon, egg yolk, fatty fish ...


And if despite all these good resolutions, you still suffer the inconvenience of the cold, you can opt for food supplements based on borage or evening primrose oil, omega 3, B vitamins and zinc.

Good pampering!


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