Choosing the right solid shampoo

Skip to solid shampoo, is to commit to the planet and reduce your plastic consumption. One step closer to a bathroom anti-gaspi, 0 waste 🍀! 

In numbers : 1 solid shampoo of 100gr makes it possible to achieve nearly 50 shampoos and save 2 bottles in plastic. On the scale of France, it is decrease 174 million bottles per year!

But now, you don't really know which solid shampoo to choose for your hair and how to use it. Look no further, everything is explained here!

Opt for organic solid shampoo

 Solid shampoos sans sulfate made from a natural surfactant derived from coconut oil (a foaming agent) allow, like soap, to foam. They have the advantage of having an acid pH close to that of our scalp and therefore of adapting to all hair types.

👉 Organic solid shampoos are therefore respectful of the skin and very moisturizers


How should I use it? 

Solid shampoos are very easy to use: 

🧼 1. Moisten the shampoo. 
🧖 2. RubApply it to wet hair. Take the opportunity to make massages of the scalp. You will see, the solid shampoo foams like a liquid shampoo!  
🛀 3. Rinse. Once done, be sure to keep the solid shampoo dry. 


To prevent them from melting in your tub or shower, store them in cork boxes or soap dishes. 

My complete 0 waste routine for all hair types

I recommend this routine for hair care efficient and 100% eco-responsibleFor nourished, detangled and shiny hair!


Step 1. Wilmotte Cosmétique frequent solid shampoo

Le frequent solid shampoo Wilmotte Cosmetics is suitable for all scalps, even the most sensitive. It foams thanks to the washing agent derived from coconut oil and does not contain soap.

Its +: it is made of organic shikakai powder, a powder widely used in India for promote hair growth and prevent dandruff. Cshampoo is vegan and Not tested on animals. A real favorite !


Step 2. Umaï solid conditioner

🌼 A small amount of Umai care conditioner allows to feed and untangle hair, leaving it soft. 

What makes this conditioner unique: it helps reduce waste eating using materials such as rapeseed or beets intended for disposal. 


Step 3. Savonnerie Champagne leave-in conditioner spray

Spray après-shampoing sans rinçage- vinaigre de cidre, romarin, tea tree, cèdre, citron et palmarosa - Savonnerie Champagne - 100 mL

🍎 Make your hair shine with the leave-in conditioner spray from Savonnerie Champagne ! With its sweet scent of cider vinegar combined with 6 essential oils, the spray is used after a solid shampoo and gives a immediate shine to your hair.


Cévennes Plants Leave-in Shine Conditioner

Après shampoing Brillance sans rinçage Vinaigre de cidre, Ortie, Mélisse et Pin - Plantes des Cévennes - 200 mL

🌿 The Cévennes Plants Hair Lotion, to cider vinegar, nettle, lemon balm and pine, fortified the hair and the fact glasses. This lotion is also a good complement solid shampoos!


Are you looking for a treatment well suited for your dry or oily hair?

Each solid shampoo, depending on its composition of vegetable oils, will meet specific needs.

I have oily hair 

If you have oily hair, try it. Wilmotte professional solid shampoo for oily hair 

Shampoing solide professionnel jojoba, citron vert et tulsi - cheveux gras - zéro résidus - Wilmotte Cosmétique - 70 gr

🍋 Formulated with a hairdressing professional, this shampoo made in Provence is made with jojoba oil + lime and regulates sebum production

I have dry, curly, colored or damaged hair

Have you ever heard of the silk protein ?


Le solid shampoo Around the Bath, composed of silk proteins, is ideal for dry, frizzy and damaged hair. Associated with the natural keratin of our hair, silk proteins, derived from the silkworm and hydrolyzed to cut them into amino acids, allow them to protect and of them deeply nourish


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