Start the ball of relaxing baths with Around the bath products!

Stress, tension, and fatigue will be old memories from the moment you are immersed in your bath. Did you know that does the bath bring many benefits? 

Yes, he is extremely benevolent for your health. The heat of the bath increases blood flow, dilates the pores, eliminates toxins and above all relaxes the muscles. A combination of benefits that makes the bath your best ally for reducing stress, getting restful sleep and relaxing your muscles after exercise.

But the bath is above all a special time to take care of yourself, a moment that we rarely allow ourselves. Make this moment unique and savor it 100%! Subdued light, scented candles, soothing music ...  Why not embellish it with original products and treatments at the same time?

Around the bath is a brand that makes 100% natural bath products made from plant ingredients. Focused on "Green Cosmetic", it offers delicately scented, moisturizing and above all biodegradable products.

The little extra? Autour du bain offers products with a unique and charming look that resemble cupcakes, of candies or enclosing surprises.

You are quite bubble bath ? effervescent bath ? or skin care bath? We have what you need ! Let yourself be charmed by our selection of bath products.

Our bubble bath balls

Who has never dreamed of being able to sink into the moss like Julia Roberts in Pretty woman ? Let your dream come true with our selection of natural bubble bath balls. Cleansing and energizing, they are enriched with organic Shea butter to preserve hydration and the satin effect on the skin.  

For everyday princesses, the So Girly Foaming Bath Ball is a must have ! Its glittery pink color will caress your skin while promoting the diffusion of its intoxicating scent of red fruits.

  So Girly foaming bath ball - 150 gr - € 5.50 


Ocean lovers will be charmed by our Lagoon Blue Foaming Bath Bomb. A blue water from the southern seas, a creamy foam, a fresh and invigorating scent of green notes and sea spray, impossible to resist.

Lagoon Blue Foaming Bath Ball - 150 gr - € 5.50 


We thought of the gourmands with the Milky Milky Foaming Bath Ball. This is the milk bath for gourmets with a note of vanilla milk crunchy of caramel. 

  Milky Milky foaming bath ball - 150 gr - 5.50 € 


Our effervescent bath balls 

In search of serenity? Take a break with our effervescent bath balls for an explosion of delicate scents. Enriched with shea butter, they hydrate your skin and leave a veil of softness.

Slip into a bubble of relaxation with our Cornflower effervescent bath ball. The delicately powdered cornflower will envelop you in these feminine notes of Iris, musks and white flowers

Blueberry effervescent bath ball - 150 gr - € 5.50 


Recharge the batteries with the Rose de Damas effervescent bath ball. She will release pretty rose petals in your bath and intoxicate you with these notes of roses mixed with rice powder and white musks.

  Damask Rose effervescent bath ball - 150 gr - € 5.50 


Our Mini Cupcakes 

These cute little cocoa and shea butters are to melt in a hot bath or to slip on wet skin after a shower. You can use them as care. Subtly scented, they leave the skin supple, soft and perfectly hydrated for several days.

A “candy” note of gourmet strawberries, a touch of coconut and a touch of caramel. It's our mini Cupcake Fraisy

 Mini Fraisy Cupcake - 50 gr - € 5.50 


A minimalist and irresistible look is the Mini Vintage Pink Cupcake. An armful of "Garden Roses" opening with an extremely feminine note of rice powder and white musks.

  Vintage Pink Mini Cupcake 
- 50 gr - € 5.50 


For the unlucky superstitious, embrace the mini Cupcake Lucky charm ! It promises hydration and a very silky finish that replaces a body cream and allows the epidermis to be supple for 48 hours.

Mini Lucky Cupcake - 50 gr - 5.50 € 


Finally, we have reserved our Frosted Fir Bath Timpani on the occasion of Christmas which is fast approaching! They will make a great gift for yourself or for yourself. Without lying, they have a fir smell !!

Frosted Fir Bath Timpani -120 gr - € 8.50 


You are now ready to enjoy your bath! 

And for novices, here is some tips for a successful bath:

  • So opt for a temperature of around 37 ° C.
  • Stay there for 15 to 20 minutes to optimize the benefits of your bath. Be careful, if you bask too long, you risk coming out wrinkled like a newborn!
  • Ideally, take your bath at night, before bed, when digestion is complete.
  • Finally, taking a bath consumes a lot of water. Fill only half the tub and avoid taking too often. If these moments are rare, you can enjoy them without feeling guilty when the time comes. 

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