6 essential beauty products for a man

We're not going to lie to each other, the majority of products on the shelves of the bathroom are not yours! It is time to remedy this by opting for a minimum of products. We change our care habits while remaining in the zero waste.

Whether for you sir or to please on the occasion of the Fathers Day, let's discover together the 6 essential beauty products for a special men's beauty routine !

Homme debout nature

1- Wash and moisturize your face 

See wash the face is the first gesture in the morning to wake up and avoid that sleepy look on your way to the office, you can use a mild soap bar in the shower. Take advantage of this moment to make a few circular movements on your face, rinse with clear water and wipe by patting lightly with a soft towel so as not to irritate the skin. 

Le Marseille soap with Verbena from Tadé is perfect for cleansing, soothing and sanitizing your skin before receiving a moisturizer suitable for your skin.
A soft and natural smell for this soap that will please you for sure! 

savon marseille tadé

We move on to the essential step of hydration with the Fare face cream. Suitable for all skin types, it hydrates and refreshes the skin. You get a radiant complexion for the day !

creme visage la fare

2- Take care of your beard

you like to be a close shave ? Shaving soap, balm and aftershave are your essentials. 

For a shave in the rules of the art, opt for a natural beech shaving brush with his small bowl and shaving soap

To avoid the burns or irritations, choose alcohol-free products that respect your skin weakened by razor bumps. 

Your skin is under attack during the shaving, you will be able to soothe and feed it with this Les Essentiels woody aftershave balm

baume apres rasage les essentiels

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3- Masculine personal hygiene

Whether it's in the morning, leaving the office or leaving the gym, you need to be able to count on a effective deodorant daily. 

The must have to take it wherever you are is the solid deodorant. Effective, practical, the solid deodorant penetrates quickly and remains respectful for your skin and the environment. 

Le Deodorant balm with Peppermint and Lavender from Les Essentiels soap factory is ideal for all skin types. An exceptional hold with a fresh smell and his skin-friendly soft texture. 

baume deodorant solide

Discover our collection of organic and natural solid deodorants.


4- Take care of your hair with an organic solid shampoo

You are tempted to use the Marseille's soap for your hair, but your hair need a special care suited to their nature. 

We therefore choose a shampoo adapted to our hair type, especially if we have dandruff or that the scalp is oily for example. 

Hyper practice under the douche, whether at the home or at the sports Hall, le shampoing solide bio easily transported and stored. 

Le OMM solid vegetable shampoo with clay and lemony beds from Wilmotte Cosmétique is made in France. He brings nutrition and protection to your hair while eliminating dandruff. It stimulates and strengthens the hair to regrowth. 

shampoing solide bio willmotte

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5- Essential products for athletes

You are jock and need specific care whether it is for your a physical training or your recovery

Le Organic Thermo Gel warming gel with aloe vera from Naturaloé is ideal for facilitate muscle recovery and soothes you immediately.
It contributes to the muscle preparation and after exercise, facilitates muscle recovery.

gel chauffant sport apaisant bio naturaloe

No matter the sport you practice, you can apply this organic warming gel in case of muscle or joint pain.
Whether before or after the effort, as many times as you wish.

Discover our collections ofmassage oils and sports treatments and of organic sports care.

6- We repair the skin of our hands or body 

You work with your hands : whether you are a landscaper or an amateur gardener, a mason, a building contractor, a handyman or a mechanic, your hands are put to the test on a daily basis. 

Find softness and suppleness for your hands with the repairing balm for dry and damaged skin from Les Essentiels.


Apply this cream every night after showering or before going to bed to find soft hands when you wake up. 

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coffret bio cosmetiques papa fete des peres

  • 3 great products with clean formulas, made in France. 
  • a hair and beard surgras soap, a face cream and a beard and mustache oil.


Pamper your papa with some organic and natural cosmetics🌿 from French craftsmanship 🇫🇷!


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