5 products to slip into your DIY advent calendar 🎁

What if this year, instead of buying an advent calendar in store, do you make your own calendar according to what you like?

At MCF, we have prepared a list of product ideas for you to slip into your DIY advent calendar this year, to treat yourself without breaking the bank!

 calendrier de lavent diy

1: Bath Melters

This year, especially for the holidays, discover bath melts christmas special to smells and festive decorations. They are ideal for a gift, or to slip into your advent calendar: 

Bath fondants are little cupcake-shaped bath bombs. They are formulated from cocoa and shea butters, which allows the skin to be perfectly hydrated when getting out of the bath.

Don't have a tub? No problem. Bath melts can also be used in the shower. Wet the fondant a little and glide it over your clean skin, rinse quickly and you're done. You find a soft, silky and fragrant skin.

Their formulas 100% natural are suitable for all skin types, even the driest ones. Thanks to their assets, they leave a skin hydrated and nourished for up to 48 hours.

Thanks to their effect moisturizing and nourishing, you do not need to apply body cream when you get out of the bath or shower. These fondants leave the skin soft and satiny.

Our favorite thing about bath melters is their gourmet smells. Whether during the bath, or on the skin after our moment of relaxation, the sweet smell of these little fondants remains and delicately perfumes the body and the bathroom.  

And there is for every taste : Monoi, rose, vanilla... Discover our large collection of bath melts.


2: Lip balms

Little gift to slip into your advent calendar, lip balms. They are practice, cute and very useful during this winter period. A lip balm is ideal to take everywhere with you so that you never end up with chapped lips.

For a gift that really pleases, we recommend Belesa 3 in 1 lip balms:


Belesa lip balms are ideal to be sure to please since they bring together 3 products in 1. They can serve as lip balm, blush or eye shadow.

Their warm tones and their easy to apply texture blends perfectly as a cream blush or cream blush. Their colors match all shades and delicately come enhance your complexion.

Their very healthy formula (Rated 100% on Yuka!) allows a hydration and an protection throughout the day while beautifying you. Based on walnut and sweet almond oils of the Cévennes, they are suitable for all skin types and allow intense nutrition to put an end to chapped lips.   

Their very cute little glass jar is recyclable. No mess, you can reuse them as you see fit once the balm is finished.

Need a lip balm for this winter? Discover our selection of natural lip balms and treatments.


3: Soaps

The soap is the ideal gift to please while being useful. This year, we opted for goat milk soaps and donkey milk soaps.

Goat milk and donkey milk soaps are recognized for their many cosmetic virtues.

They are extremely soft thanks to their formula enriched with fresh milk and are therefore very popular with fragile, reactive and sensitive skin.

For a quality goat's milk soap, we recommend Louise Emoi's "chevrissime" soap:


savon lait chevre naturel

Its formula based on 30% ultra nourishing goat's milk is ideal for very fragile and dry skin.

It hydrates, nourishes and protects deep into the skin thanks to the recognized cosmetic actions of goat's milk. His delicate coriander fragrance is ideal for immersing yourself in a ritual of soothing and natural treatment.

Made in France in a way artisanal, this soap contains only ingredients from biological agriculture.

You can use it in the shower or in the bath according to your preference, but also in massage on your face for a cleaning and an intensive hydration.

For a donkey milk soap super concentrated and very effective, we have selected Belle Lurette soaps :


Belle Lurette donkey milk soaps are formulated with 10% fresh donkey milk. The cosmetic virtues of donkey milk are then increased tenfold. Indeed, fresh donkey milk soaps are recognized for their many advantages :

  • They treat acne, psoriasis and eczema
  • They have a powerful anti-aging action
  • They hydrate and nourish in depth
  • They are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

And many other cosmetic virtues recognized since the dawn of time. Discover our selection of products made from fresh donkey milk.


Interested in slipping cold process soaps into your advent calendar? Discover our selection of cold saponified soaps for the whole family.


4: Hand creams

In winter, it can happen that you have dry hands because of the cold. To avoid this inconvenience, it is important to hydrate your hands well throughout the day.

This is why we advise you to slip a hand cream into your DIY advent calendar this year.

At MCF, we love Tadé hand creams :


creme mains naturel

Tadé hand creams are ideal for very dry skin which need to be intensely nourished and protected. With a natural formula very rich based on olive oil, laurel oil and Shea Butter, these hand creams will be your best allies for the winter.

What's special about Tadé's hand creams: Their delicate smells, which deliciously perfume the skin throughout the day.

Discover our selection of natural and organic hand and foot creams.


5: Bath Bombs

When it's cold outside, what better way to relax than a warm and delicious bath? This year, indulge (yourself) with natural and gourmet bath bombs in your personalized advent calendar.

For the holidays this year, we've found you a very special bath bomb with festive scents: The champagne bath bomb from Autour Du Bain

  bombe de bain champagne

This special bath bomb celebrates festive colors and the delicate smell of pink champagne and lemon is ideal for keeping a christmas spirit into the bathroom.

The bath bombs around the bath are formulated from natural ingredients and enriched with organic shea butter for optimal tolerance with all skin types.

The shea butter present in their composition allows to hydrate and nourish deep into the skin for a relaxing.

Discover our wide range of natural bath bombs.

Need more ideas slip into your personalized advent calendar this year? We have prepared a special advent calendar collection full of gift ideas at low prices!


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