3 good reasons to adopt chocolate for the skin

Easter is fast approaching 🐣! 

We see in pastry chefs a multitude ofchocolate eggs, little bunnies and pretty treats…real works of art! 

This week, we had a (very) big craving for chocolate and we decided to take a closer look at this beauty treasure. 

And in the current circumstances, a bit of candy would not be refused! Especially since we know that chocolate has virtues anti-depression and anti-stress ☺️

Made from cocoa bean, chocolate benefits from all its virtues, rich in antioxidants, vitamins B, E, magnesium, iron and trace elements. the dark chocolate is the best from a health point of view because of its high cocoa content.

If you are gourmand(e) and you love chocolate, go for it! Chocolate is not only delicious for the taste buds, it's also great for the skin. 


 Benefit #1: Chocolate moisturizes and softens the skin 

Thanks to phospholipids, chocolate hydrate the skin in depth and the envelope of candy. In addition, chocolate leaves an intoxicating smell on the skin, we love it!

Barre de massage Cacao Karité - Tout type de peau - 85 gr - Autour du BainCocoa Shea massage bar from Autour du Bain allows a real moment of pleasure and very soft skin. We would bite it! 

👉 Apply it to the skin: on contact, the massage bar melts and leaves a silky film on the skin. The skin is nourished and perfumed.


For the lips, melt for the Dirty Hands cocoa lip balm

Baume à lèvres aux beurres de karité et cacao - Sans huiles essentielles - Les Mains Sales - 7 mL

Labeled Nature and Progress, this lip balm feeds in depth and soothes lips dry and damaged. In the bag, an express application of the balm and voila!



 Benefit n°2: dark chocolate has a strong anti-aging power 

The cocoa bean is a very powerful antioxidant : it is therefore necessary to choose dark chocolate for its high cocoa content. 

You can certainly choose dark chocolate as your beauty routine: with its action anti-rides, the smooth the skin and energizes it.  

Treat yourself to a DIY beauty session with these anti-aging face masks from Secrets des Fées, enriched with cocoa, they moisturize and regenerate the skin. Plumping effect and softness guaranteed!


A true elixir of beauty, the nourishing balm from the Savonnerie de la Chapelle, with 100% natural shea and cocoa, is ideal for nourish mature skin and reveal its brilliance. We love its sweet and spicy smell! 


 Benefit n°3: chocolate promotes blood circulation

Le dark chocolate is also a true ally for pregnant women : it promotes circulation sanguine and would improve the functioning of the placenta, but also the growth and development of the fetus. 

👉 Tip: If you are pregnant, take a bath, it's great for relieve heavy legs and relax! You will feel lighter. Combine this ritual with a bath ball rich in cocoa: it will leave your skin soft and improve blood circulation. 

Mini fondant pour le bain Vanille bourbon - Peau sèche - 50 gr - Autour du BainTry them fondant cupcakes from Around the Bath, they are rich in cocoa butter and leave the skin ultra soft! 

There you go, you now know all the benefits of chocolate on our skin! Like what, gluttony is not a bad fault 😉

And you, what is your favorite chocolate? Black ? White ? Milk ? With almond ? Tell us all about Instagram and Facebook 🍫

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